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Halloween Level: Expert

Traditions are an awesome way to celebrate the seasons we love!  Halloween comes with the universal traditions of parties, candy, and costumes but there are some traditions that take the holiday up that extra notch. Meet our friend Noelle.  She takes Halloweening to a whole other level in her front yard every year with her amazing creativity, sense of humor, and a little help from a few skeletons. Yes, skeletons. Since 2014, Noelle has been using skeletons to set up scenes in her front yard to show her Halloween spirit. Nothing is off limits for Noelle. She has a knack for taking serious matters and putting a comedic spin on them, from presidential debates and local sports rivalries and has...

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Meet Meg

When thinking about people we wanted to add to our community here at Brooke & Em, we knew that Meg Johnson is exactly the type of woman we are looking for.  Not because she is beautiful, or a motivational speaker, or an author or a public figure with thousands of followers on YouTube.  Though all of those things are true, the reason we love Meg so much is because she is real.  She is raw and vulnerable and helps others know that they are not alone.                                        On March 6th 2004 at the age of 22 Meg accidentally jumped off a cliff...

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Huge Dress Sale!

We are having our biggest sale of the year, and ALL dresses are on sale!  Details:*sale starts Saturday, October 7th at 6am PST and goes through Tuesday 10th at 11:59pm PST*all sales are final -no refunds or exchanges. Buy it, like it, or gift it!*items will not “hold” in your cart. Many items are limited quantity, so snatch it up while you can.*price adjustments will not be made for any items that were bought prior to the sale*we will not be restocking anything. Everything that we have will be up on the site. Once it’s out, it’s out. So get it while you can!*please refer to the sizing info listed on each item when choosing a size.*coupon code: signup101 will be...

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