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Fleece Leggings Brooke & Em

All About The Spandex

January 28, 2019

Question. What 14th century men’s clothing article is still worn by women today? Leggings. Yes, that is right. Leggings originated in 14th century Scotland. They were created as two-piece leg coverings worn for casual and military use. They were either leather or small metal rings linked together to form a mesh known as chain mail. They soon were worn all over Europe by men including famous ones such as Shakespeare. They soon evolved into thick leg coverings that men wore under their thigh-length tunics.

Fast forward to the Fabulous Fifties when the beautiful Audrey Hepburn started wearing tight Capri's in movies and began the trend. Then came the 1960’s when Lycra was invented, and everything took off from there. 

Why am I giving you a history lesson? Well, I’ve become a new-found lover of the Leggings. These comfortable, easy to wear leg huggers. As I sit here in the most comfortable pair I’ve worn so far, I think back to the beginning for me. It started slowly as I would don a pair to workout. Then, I started seeing my daughters getting comfortable lounging around the house in them. I wanted in. Of course, I was skeptical because, well, I have a mom-bod. But when I found that over-sized long sweatshirts covered up the ‘excess me’ I was hooked. I can’t give them up, its an addiction now. I am all for the modesty and will still cover up the years of motherhood I have lingering around my mid-section, but I deserve it, gosh darn it.

My advice for the day, be comfortable. Working out? Leggings. Need to clean the house? Leggings. Chasing toddlers around? Leggings. Watching the latest episode of Grey's? Leggings. Online shopping? Leggings. (order a few more pairs, too, while you’re at it.)   We might be called “basic” for being wearers of the Spandex but lets give a shout-out to the men of history for originating this wonderful concept of comfort.

 Love Much,


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