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Are You Lifting?

Are You Lifting?

March 04, 2019

Did you know that trained women in their heaviest weightlifting body-weight category can lift more than 325 pounds? Even the lightest trained women, who weigh less than 110 pounds can snatch more than double their body weight? Pretty amazing. It is said that the average woman alone can lift about 74 pounds. Did you also know that there is a way we can lift more that?  We rise by lifting others. We can exercise our souls and find happiness by uplifting others. Women, by nature are compassionate beings. It is by exercising these qualities that we come to know ourselves and know others on a more intimate level. We are wired to be more compassionate and kind. The world needs compassion, tenderness and a soft-hearted approach right now. The trust, connection and cooperation we give others can help restore hope and bring joy to others. 

I am a mother of a teenage girl. I hear on a daily basis the cruelty that comes from girls directed towards each other. My daughter has been called horrible names for no reason other than to hurt . She tells me about how other girls treat one another based on the assumption that they will look better if they beat someone else down. This makes me think of the saying "Real Queens fix each others crowns."  Are we teaching our daughters to love and appreciate others for who they are? Do we show them by example how it's supposed to work? Are we there for those who need an emotional lift?

No one is perfect. We have all felt defeated, torn part and worthless at times. We all need a friend, someone who can brighten up the bleak times. As women, we have the great ability to bring compassion to the world. "It is a sociological fact that women need women. We need deep and satisfying and loyal friendships with each other." This quote by a wise woman named  Bonnie L. Oscarson is right on point. We shouldn't be cutting each other down, we need to lift as we love one another through good and bad times. 

As we strive to genuinely lift others here are a few ideas:

  • Leave your agenda at home.
  • Don't be judgmental. You really have no idea on the other persons circumstances!
  • Your support needs to speak to THEIR needs, not to what you think they need.
  • Don’t discredit their feelings.
  • Really listen and understand
  • Sincerely ask what they need and follow through
  • Always come from your heart.
  • When you’re with someone, give your full attention and presence.
  • Where appropriate, hold their hand, put your arm around them,  let them feel your love physically.
  • Be graciously unconditional.

  • Let us be strong women who can lift the weight off another's shoulders.

    Love Much,



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