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Friends & Family Event!

Friends & Family Event!

March 17, 2017

Want to earn free clothes from Brooke & Em Clothing?!

This is a fun and easy way to let your friends and family know about Brooke & Em Clothing while earning free clothes at the same time!

-What is the Friends & Family Event?

You share a discount code to your f&f that they can use to make purchases from . For every $100 that your f&f spends, you accumulate $10 in store credit to ! It’s a win-win for everyone!


-How does it work?

We send you a discount code that is specific to YOU, plus a graphic that you can use to share the fun news to your f&f on social media, etc. They will then use your code in at checkout to receive their discount.


-How do we keep track of what you earned?

Every time your f&f uses your code, it will register under your name. So make sure they know to use YOUR code at checkout, or it won't count! 

(for every $100 f&f spend post-discount, you accumulate $10).


-How can I let my f&f know about the event?

Word of mouth, email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, you name it! Attached is the graphic that you can use to spread the word! (please tag @brookeandemclothing in the caption so people know how to find us!). The more you share, the more success that you will have!!


-Can I use the code myself to buy items and accumulate store credit?



Open to US and Canadian residents only. Must be at least 13 years or older to participate.

The Brooke & Em Friends & Family Event will run until April 16th. Any purchases made after that date will not count.

Please email us at and tell us you want to participate in the Friends & Family Event!!


xoxo Brooke & Em Clothing


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