Halloween Level: Expert

Traditions are an awesome way to celebrate the seasons we love!  Halloween comes with the universal traditions of parties, candy, and costumes but there are some traditions that take the holiday up that extra notch.

Meet our friend Noelle.  She takes Halloweening to a whole other level in her front yard every year with her amazing creativity, sense of humor, and a little help from a few skeletons. Yes, skeletons.

Since 2014, Noelle has been using skeletons to set up scenes in her front yard to show her Halloween spirit. Nothing is off limits for Noelle. She has a knack for taking serious matters and putting a comedic spin on them, from presidential debates and local sports rivalries and has reconstructed scenes that any pop culture fan would instantly recognize (think Breaking Bad and Star Wars)!


There have been scenes to raise breast cancer awareness, support local school plays, and celebrate her children’s birthdays and life events.

This year we wanted in on the fun! We asked Noelle how her skeletons would feel about modeling for Brooke & Em and were so excited when they graciously agreed!  We had so much fun laughing at how hard it was to dress the less than flexible bodies and joking about “how thin the models are getting in the fashion industry”.

It was obvious to us as we set up our props that the neighborhood is in full support of the antics. Three neighbors who were walking by stopped to tell us how much they loved the skeletons and how cool it was that she did it.  

Noelle plans to continue this tradition and is always looking for new ideas to make her skeletons shine!

Check out a few more of our favorites below, it was hard to not put all of them because they are so fun! We’re thinking she needs an Instagram account just to feature her skeletons, Don’t you? And FYI … making people laugh is a family business, she and her husband own Wiseguys, a local stand-up comedy club. If you haven’t been and need a date night idea you should definitely give it a try!


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