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I Love Me

I Love Me

February 27, 2019

Looking in the mirror can sometimes be hard. Not because we don't like our physical features, I'm talking about the proverbial mirror, the one we look at internally and see the countless qualities we beat ourselves up over on a daily basis. Something we all need help with as women is self-care, self-love. We get burned out, lonely, critical of our appearance, frustrated, the list goes on. 

We should take the time to notice signs of neglect when it comes to ourselves. I came across a wonderful article by Mateo Sol on the struggle of self-care. He listed seventeen signs of neglect that can happen as we forget to take care of ourselves. 

  • Constant tiredness and fatigue
  • Irritability (little things annoy you)
  • Poor sleep quality
  • muscle tension
  • Chronic illnesses (e.g. colds, flu, infections)
  • Anxiety and worry
  • Paranoia
  • Neglecting family or friend time
  • Obsessive rumination (mind won’t shut off)
  • Constant low-grade depression
  • More dread than excitement
  • Disconnection from your body
  • No time to do what makes you happy
  • All work and no play
  • Feelings of emptiness
  • Negative and self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Low self-worth and insecurity

To be completely honest, I looked over this list and saw a lot of similarities. I know I am not alone. Am I right? Taking time for ourselves is not a selfish act. You have most likely heard the analogy of the airplane mask. Before you take off, the flight attendants brief everyone on safety. One key is the application of the air masks. We are told to securely fasten our own masks before helping others. Why? How are you going to be able to help someone else if you are gasping for air? The same goes for life on the ground. Taking care of yourself, loving yourself for all that you are is what is going to make life fantastic for ourselves and for those around us. Happy is is happy does. 

We all have trials and self doubt but, please, take time out and really learn that you are a fabulous person who deserves a life worth living happily. “Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is till standing.”  

Love Much,


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