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Think I Want To Marry You

Think I Want To Marry You

March 12, 2019

Spring is almost here and with it brings flowers, new life, new beginnings and engagements. Yup, 'tis the season for getting hitched, thinking about popping the question or even just daydreaming about future possibilities. 

Check out Marriage Proposal Do's And Don't's for some reasonable advice to pass along. 

It is fun to see the ways proposals happen. These three future groom best friends recently got engaged to the loves of their life in very different ways.

NIck and Maddie got engaged in Zions National Park, UT atop Angel's Landing.

Logan and Lauren took a trip together to Hawaii and got engaged on the beach. 


Jake and Madeline got engaged at the place where they had their first kiss. 

Hearing stories about real people gives us hope of finding that amazing love. One in particular that I adore is of Logan and Alayna. (The following is their story, edit for space.)

"Our story began back in 6th grade when we were both 12.  Logan says that from the minute he saw little 12-year-old me, he had a crush he knew he'd never get over."

"Jump ahead a few years to when we were silly, innocent teenagers who thought we knew what life was all about. We had some classes together and we casually began talking about assignments and other exciting drama that happens in high school. It soon became obvious to me that now I was the one developing a major crush."

"He asked me to prom. I was so excited. To make sure I wouldn't feel too much pressure with prom being my very first date ever, Logan was kind enough to ask me out a week before prom, right after my 16th birthday. So that made Logan my very first date ever." 

"A week later was finally prom. The night ended the way every classic prom date ends with the awkward walk-up-to-the-doorstep-drop-off, tell each other that you had a nice time, and awkwardly ending with a hug. Then it happened. The awkward first kiss on the doorstep while you know everyone inside is watching and waiting for you to come in. So, Logan had done it. He was now officially my first date, had taken me to my first dance, and was my first kiss. I was head over heels in trouble."

"Although we both went out with others throughout high school, we were quick to fall in love and knew that we always wanted to be together, as crazy as that sounds, but that was how we felt."

{a few years later} "One particular day, I got an especially long, thought out email from Elder Logan Birch who was serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He’d decided to go out on a limb and basically lay out our whole future together for me. He told me....  "I’ll get home, take you on the best date you’ve ever been on, and you might realize that you are still in love with me.” "

"Our date couldn’t have been more perfect. Sitting in his car, overlooking the Salt Lake Valley from the capital building, there were even fireworks that went off and we still don’t even know why (although Logan likes to try and take credit for them). "

"The summer that followed was one of the best. We continued dating and began talking about marriage. Logan proposed July 24, 2015 in front of the Salt Lake City LDS Temple and we were married and sealed for eternity in the Logan, UT temple in October."

"Being married to my best friend has been nothing short of pure happiness. There is never a dull moment, even despite the ups and downs, my husband is always there to assure me that we are in it together and that everything will turn out okay. We’ve been through so much together, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat to get to where we are now and be together forever."

Some motherly advice, when you find that person who supports you, cares for you and want the best for you, someone who loves you unconditionally and treats you well, don't let them go. That is the makings of a wonderful relationship. We'd love to hear your engagement stories in the comment section below. 

Love Much, 



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